St. Joseph’s Come Join Us Capital Campaign

Dear Parishioners, 

I’d like to provide a quick update on our Parish Center building process. With our ongoing success of the “Come Join Us” Campaign, we have now over $4.5M pledged toward our $5M goal. Our fundraising committee continues to reach out to uncontacted parishioners and are also approaching external donors with vested interests in St. Joseph’s. 

$2.7 million of those pledges has been collected to date. The most common ways to fulfill your pledge are through Faith Direct (use the “Come Join Us Campaign” option), envelope checks, and stock transfers. If you have any questions at all, please contact Tim Rutten in the Rectory or Thad Hunkins

Finally, many of you are curious about timelines. Here’s a quick outline to communicate expectations on the What, When, and How of the project. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact Topher Cushman. Basically, it breaks out into three major areas: 

  1. Entitlements/Legal Work/Site Permits, and Preparation – Alley closure (estimated to be completed by 1st quarter 2025) – Various agencies to review and approve – New legislation drafted and voted on by DC Council. – Mayor’s signature – Utility relocation work in 2025 – Raze permit process for the parish center to start fall 2024
  2. Architectural/Engineering work – MTFA Architects to begin design work this summer – Various agencies to review and approve – DD plans complete by the end of this year and begin construction level drawings – Finalize construction documents by May 2025 and submit for permit
  3. Contractor Bid, Permit process and Notice to proceed – Summer 2025 bid out project and select contractor – Fall/winter 2025 permit issued – Winter 2025 raze parish center and begin construction

As you can see, there is a lot going on. It’s all moving much faster than I ever expected thanks to everyone’s incredible efforts. I am so grateful, and frankly amazed, at the outpouring of both financial support and outright volunteer work to help so many things come together in a relatively short time. Thank you all for supporting our mission to be a welcoming community led by the Holy Spirit that “prays, learns, serves, celebrates, and shares”.

God Bless,

Father William Gurnee