“O Lord our God, all this wealth that we have brought together to build you a house in honor of your holy name comes from you and is entirely yours.” (1 Chr 29:16)

After many years in disrepair, renovations to improve the interior of St. Josephs on Capitol Hill were commissioned in November of 2002 by then-pastor Msgr. Charles Antonicelli. Interior improvements to the church building included a new mechanical system that replaced a much outdated, dangerous and inefficient heating system; restoration of existing wood floors and pews; repairs to plaster vaults and apse walls; new paint with decorative gold stars on vaults; restoration of original oil paintings and new marble statues; and improved lighting and audio systems to highlight a few. The last item to be added was a new marble altar that was designed and installed to complement the historic high altar. The approach to this project was to restore what is beautiful and give it new life and add new items that are fitting to such a noble building and that would endure the test of time.

McCrery Architects was contracted to lead the restoration.

Continued Maintenance. While most of the renovation described above is finished, maintaining the renovations and embarking on new ones is always needed. Please consider making a donation to the continued renovation of our church.  To make a tax-deductible contribution click the link at the top of the screen on the right marked Donate.  Whatever generosity you can contribute to this major undertaking of the St. Joseph’s Catholic community is greatly appreciated. To quote our campaign motto, our success is in your hands.