The St. Joseph’s Organ:

St. Joseph’s is blessed with a historic and beautiful 1891 Hook and Hastings mechanical action organ.  It is a beautiful instrument to look at in the upper rear of our church, and it has a noble sound as it supports the music made in our church.  However, given the age of the organ, there are many issues and problems that have been occurring for over a decade, with short-term patches in place (i.e. paper clips and rubber bands in place for certain notes to function, as old leather gives way; tape to cover leaks in the air chests, etc).  We wanted to let you know that several companies, who are well-respected in the restoration of historic pipe organs, are traveling to D.C. later this month to take a look. Know that our Director of Music, Maria Balducci, is intent on preserving this organ and making sure it sounds good for many more generations to come! More information coming.