October Service Project

This month’s service project is with the DC Dream Center (DCDC). We need volunteers at DCDC’s children’s Trunk or Treat party. The event will take place from 12PM-3PM on Saturday October 29th. Volunteers are expected to help with set up from 10am and clean up from 3-4pm. Volunteers are also expected to assist during the event will help with a range of activities, including arts and crafts, giving out candy, and welcoming people.

All Souls Day

The St. Joseph’s Choir will offer the singing of a Requiem Mass (Claudio Casciolini) the evening of All Souls Day (Wednesday, Nov. 2), to remember and pray for those who have died in the past year from our parish, our family members, and our friends.  More details forthcoming.

Thank you to the two couples who represented St. Joseph’s at the First Annual Wedding Anniversary Mass

The First Annual Wedding Anniversary Mass was celebrated by Cardinal Gregory on Saturday, August 20th at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. It is a celebration of the living vocation of all couples who provide a Catholic witness to the beauty of the Sacrament of Matrimony. The couples received a certificate from Cardinal Gregory in honor of their anniversary.

The St. Joseph’s Organ:

St. Joseph’s is blessed with a historic and beautiful 1891 Hook and Hastings mechanical action organ.  It is a beautiful instrument to look at in the upper rear of our church, and it has a noble sound as it supports the music made in our church.  However, given the age of the organ, there are many issues and problems that have been occurring for over a decade, with short-term patches in place (i.e. paper clips and rubber bands in place for certain notes to function, as old leather gives way; tape to cover leaks in the air chests, etc).  We wanted to let you know that several companies, who are well-respected in the restoration of historic pipe organs, are traveling to D.C. later this month to take a look. Know that our Director of Music, Maria Balducci, is intent on preserving this organ and making sure it sounds good for many more generations to come! More information coming.

The St. Joseph’s Children’s Choir (“Chorus Angelorum”)

Children in Grades 4-12

Please consider a place for them in the newly forming St. Joseph’s Children’s Choir. Rehearsals will be every other Thursday from 6:30pm-7:30pm, beginning on October 6. Our music director, Maria Balducci, knows very well the challenges of family schedules, with four young children of her own. But she is eager to share her love of the Catholic faith and the liturgy with the young of this parish, and sacred music is an amazing way to draw them in. They will learn techniques of singing, Latin pronunciation and translations, how to read Gregorian chant as well as modern notation, important chants, hymns, and motets of our great heritage of music. Before long, they’ll be teaching their parents!  If you have any questions or schedule concerns email Maria or talk with her after any weekend Mass.