Coats for Kids

The Knights of Columbus ask for your generosity to support the Coats for Kids program. This year, we expect even more children in our community to need warm winter coats. You can donate through Saint Joseph’s at FaithDirect (make a note that says Coats for Kids) or put a check in the collection basket (write “Coats for Kids” on the subject line or envelope) or text to give at 202-517-8196. God Bless you for your continued generosity!

Bible Study on St. Paul’s Letters to the Corinthians

Addressing Challenges to the Christian Family Life

Br. Columba will explore the First and Second Corinthians offer us a glimpse at an early Christian community in need of social and moral transformation. Despite the Corinthians’ attempts to live according to the gospel, they also struggled with societal messages that were contrary to authentic Christian living. St. Paul’s teachings in Corinth can help us to reflect on challenges in our society today and our need for a deeper transformation in light of the gospel. In this five-part series, we will discuss how First and Second Corinthians address some of these challenges to the Christian family life. 

October 5, 12, 19, 26 and November 2 (all Tuesdays)

From 7 to 8 pm

In the Parish Center

Recommended text: First and Second Corinthians, Maria Pascuzzi, New Collegeville Bible Commentary series (copies provided, free will offering encouraged)


All are welcome to attend an organ concert here at St. Joseph’s, given by our Director of Music and Organist, Maria Balducci.  Maria will speak briefly about the 1891 Hook & Hastings organ before offering the concert.  Maria will be presenting works by Buxtehude, Vaughan Williams, Franck, Demissieux, and Fletcher.  There will also be an opportunity after the concert to go to the loft and see the organ up close for those who are interested!  The concert will be approximately an hour long, and there will be a reception after in the Parish Center.  Please join us for an enjoyable afternoon on Sunday, October 24 at 3pm!  

Guidelines for Coronavirus

Cardinal Gregory and the Bishops of the Province of Baltimore (Archdiocese of Baltimore, Catholic Diocese of Arlington, Catholic Diocese of Wilmington, Catholic Diocese of Richmond and the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston) have jointly announced that the dispensation of the Sunday and Holy Day Mass obligation will be lifted beginning on Saturday, June 26, 2021 and Sunday, June 27, 2021.

Celebration of Mass and Holy Communion

Churches in the District of Columbia and all five Maryland counties in the Archdiocese of Washington are no longer subject to governmental capacity or social distancing limits. Consistent with CDC, state, and local guidance, masks are no longer required of any person inside churches or religious facilities with the Archdiocese. Masks are recommended, but not required, for unvaccinated persons when indoors. Please note that individual parishes may choose to keep distancing, masking, or other precautions in place, as well as continue live-streaming their Masses.

The following revisions, effective May 28, 2021 modify the Public Celebration of Mass and Holy Communion Outside of Massguidelines issued May 14, 2020 and revised October 15, 2020. These modifications take into account the following:

  • The increasing percentage of residents who have received the vaccination, particularly those in the age demographic who are at highest risk of contracting Covid-19;
  • The low positivity rate and declining hospitalization rates locally;
  • The recent Executive Orders by Maryland Governor Larry Hogan on March 9, 2021, lifting capacity restrictions in houses of worship along with his May 14, 2021, Order revising the State mandate regarding wearing masks indoors; and the corresponding Executive Order by District of Columbia Mayor Muriel Bowser, dated May 17, 2021;
  • The recent guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) regarding the cleaning and disinfection of public spaces, the recommended social distancing of 3 feet in K-12 schools, and the lifting of certain restrictions for fully vaccinated people;
  • The continuing guidance and orders from State and local health departments regarding masking, cleaning, and social distancing.

Based upon the above, below are the updated guidelines for the celebration of Mass and Holy Communion. Please note that these guidelines are also applicable to other parish liturgical events such as weddings, funerals and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

Health and Hygiene Considerations:

  • Liturgical celebrations no longer need to abide by capacity restrictions.
  • The use of masks while gathered indoors is not required for fully vaccinated individuals, but is recommended for non-vaccinated individuals. There is no requirement to check vaccination status.
  • The use of masks by ordinary and extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion while distributing Holy Communion, vaccinated and non-vaccinated, is still required during the distribution.
  • Per archdiocesan policy, social distancing is still required between individuals from separate households for indoor gatherings as follows: Pastors are permitted to reduce distancing to 3 feet for indoor celebrations (which may allow the use of all rows) if they feel it would be beneficial. Pastors may also choose to set aside a section of the church that maintains 6-foot distancing for those who wish to maintain more social distancing.
  • Parishes are to continue to have hand sanitizer available at all of the entrances of churches.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting after every liturgical celebration is no longer required unless a person with a confirmed or suspected Covid-19 case is known to have been in an indoor space, per CDC guidelines, cleaning with ordinary soap and water once per day is sufficient to remove viruses that may be on surfaces and help maintain a healthy facility. However, such shared indoor spaces must be disinfected at least once a week in addition to being cleaned once a day. If a person with a positive Covid-19 case is known to have been in an indoor space, cleaning and disinfection must occur immediately.

Preparation of Ministers:

  • Musical accompaniment at Mass or other liturgical celebrations may employ a cantor and organist or pianist, or even a small musical ensemble of no more than 4 singers. However, the decision on whether to use a small ensemble must factor in the need for enhanced social distancing (greater than 3 feet) from each other and as separate as possible from the congregation. If the ensemble and/or cantor is located in front of the congregation, enhanced social distancing must be observed and/or the use of plastic barriers. Hymns and sung Mass parts are allowed.

Preparation of the Church:

  • Baptismal fonts and Holy Water stoups may be used. Hand sanitizer must be available in close proximity to permit the cleansing of hands. Fonts and stoups are to be cleaned regularly, following proper protocols for handling Holy Water.
  • Hard copy bulletins and other printed liturgical materials may be used.

Guidance for the Celebration of Mass:

  • Procession at the beginning of Mass and recession at the end of Mass may be restored.
  • The celebrant is welcome to greet the parishioners after Mass, but shaking hands should be avoided.
  • The offertory Procession of the Gifts may be restored.
  • The Sign of Peace should be restored with the use of a gesture, such as a bow or wave, but shaking of hands should be avoided.
  • The distribution of the Precious Blood remains suspended until further notice.
  • The use of masks while distributing Holy Communion is still required (as noted earlier), as is the requirement to sanitize one’s hands prior to the distribution of Holy Communion and if one’s hand touches the hand of the communicant. Holy Communion on the tongue continues to be discouraged, but pastors may make provisions for those who would like to receive on the tongue (the use of separate lines, receiving at the end of the communion line, etc.). If a minister distributes Holy Communion on the tongue, he or she should still sanitize his or her hands after the distribution to each individual on the tongue.

Visit the Media Portal to view the latest statements regarding the coronavirus released by the Archdiocese of Washington.

The Catholic Standard will also continue to provide information as updates are available.

Annual Appeal

Thank you for your interest in supporting the 2021 Annual Appeal of the Archdiocese of Washington!

We invite you join in the mission of the Annual Appeal as we seek Christ together. By strengthening the charitable works of our Archdiocese, you enable all those Seeking Christ to find His healing, His word, and His friendship.

2021 Annual Appeal Goal: $11.4 million

Our mission to seek Christ manifests itself in countless ways in the Archdiocese of Washington. From faith formation and catechesis, to outreach and evangelization, your gift will have a wide-ranging impact benefiting thousands across the District of Columbia and five surrounding counties of Maryland.

We invite you join in the mission of the Annual Appeal as we seek Christ together. By strengthening the charitable works of our Archdiocese, you enable all those Seeking Christ to find His healing, His word, and His friendship.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email them to Kelly Hanlon.

The Year of St. Joseph

To celebrate the Holy Year of St. Joseph, we will say this prayer before or after Mass between now and Dec. 8, 2021. 

Hail, Guardian of the Redeemer,
Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
To you God entrusted his only Son;
in you Mary placed her trust;
with you Christ became man.

Blessed Joseph, to us too,
show yourself a father
and guide us in the path of life.
Obtain for us grace, mercy and courage,
and defend us from every evil. Amen.

There are prayer cards in the church, please feel free to take one.

Our Candlelight Vigil for Victims of Racism

We want to bring healing to our community and nation.  So, we held a candlelight vigil on Sept 1st for victims of racism.  Most Rev. Dorsonville, Rev. Glasgow and Rev. Gurnee along with 90 other parishioners and community members participated in this event.  A list of action items was created to help bring about change.  Please contact the rectory if you would like to support our efforts.

Lord, Jesus Christ

Who reached across ethnic boundaries
Between Samaritan, Roman and Jew;
Who offered fresh sight to the blind and freedom to captives,
Help us to break down the barriers in our community and
Enable us to see the reality of racism and bigotry,
And free us to challenge and uproot it from ourselves, our society and our world.

Candlelight vigil on 9.1.20
8 minutes and 46 seconds of silence
Opening prayer for the vigil

Vigil for those lost to Racism

Posted by St. Peter's DC on Tuesday, September 1, 2020